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  • Safety Guidance While Using Propane

    Safety Guidance While Using Propane

    Propane is a relatively common gas that is used for cooking among other things. Due to its easy access and regular use, some people take for granted that it is still a very dangerous substance. This video will cover basic safety tips while using propane gas. Whether you’re grilling or storing your propane tank, you…

  • Installing Tile in Commercial Kitchens

    Installing Tile in Commercial Kitchens

    Choosing the right material to use for tiling commercial kitchens is vital for easy maintenance and repair in the long run. This video addresses the different aspects that should be considered when one undertakes such a project. It points out that the right preparation should be done as well as choosing products that are specifically…

  • How To Age Whiskey In A Mini Barrel

    How To Age Whiskey In A Mini Barrel

    Aging whiskey in a mini barrel is a quick way to enhance a whiskey’s flavor. Here are some tips on how to do it right from The Whiskey Dictionary. Prepare a Place Oak barrels may leak plenty of water and may stain carpeting or other fabrics, so place barrels on cookie sheets to catch water…

  • Food Protection Manager Certification

    Food Protection Manager Certification

    This video introduces the viewer to ServSafe, a managerial training and certification program from the National Restaurant Association that provides training courses for restaurant managers who must ensure that staff follows proper food handling guidelines. Certifications such as the Food Protection Manager Certification are an important aspect of protecting the health of restaurant patrons and…

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