The Perfect Butternut Squash Peeling, Cutting, and Roasting

Butternut Squash holds a reputation as a curvy vegetable that can be difficult to prepare. However, it can be straightforward, as demonstrated in the YouTube video, “How to peel and cut + roasted butternut squash.”

Before starting your butternut squash peeling, it is essential to have a sharp knife and a stable cutting board. Also, slice off both ends of the vegetable.

Video Source

To prepare in cubes, locate the bulb first and cut it into the bulb half and the thin half. Then use a sharp Y-peeler to peel off the skin. Next, place both halves face-down and cut down the middle. Ensure you scoop out the seeds before cutting the bulb in half. Then place both halves flat-side down and cut into strips. Finally, turn the strips into cubes by doubling and cutting them appropriately.

To prepare in halves, slice off the ends first, and use your knife to cut down the middle. Scoop out the seeds after cutting.

For preparation, you can decide to roast in an oven after applying oil, salt and pepper, or you can use it in other recipes. Either way, you will arrive at a tasty side dish.

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