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What serendipity that you should arrive at my blog today, at this hour! By the unknowable, graceful machinations of fate I have been privileged to touch my mind to yours through the medium of text. My name is Lawrence Predicate, and I am a self-described and self-made mystic chef. I have been gifted with the ability to read the natural vibrations of the strings of the cosmos, and glean from them what information and inspiration I need for my cooking projects. Mixing chocolate with strawberries, for example– the idea just came to me, in a flash, from the stellar void! In this same way I have built a cooking career off of the basis of cosmic influence. I own a string of restaurants across the east coast, each modeled after the principals of mindfulness and otherworldliness on which I model my own life. If you, reader, would also like to engage in the quality of cooking that requires astral projection to attain then I welcome you to my blog, where you’ll find a myriad of ideas for cooking, and tips on how to do it with love.


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