Types of Barbecue from Around the World

If you love the art of cooking meat, then it’s about time that you explore all of the different forms of barbecue from around the globe. Barbecue certainly isn’t a one size fits all type of cooking style, after all. Let’s explore a few different kinds of barbecue that exist around the world today.

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One of the oldest forms of barbecue in the world comes from India. Indian-style barbecue is most often cooked using a Tandoor. This oven is a cylindrical shape that’s made out of clay. It has been used for centuries in India to cook bread, meat, and all manner of other dishes. The benefit of using this type of oven to cook barbecue is the material it’s made of. Since a tandoor is made of clay, it’s excellent at retaining heat. This means that a roast can be left inside for hours to slowly cook and there’s no need to worry about whether the temperature of the clay oven will falter.

Even in the United States, there are plenty of different styles of barbecue. Exploring all of the different ways meat can be cooked in this manner is a great way to expand your foodie horizons.


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