What Are Some of the Best Burgers Out There

This video talks about the best burgers and which ones are the most popular for people to eat in different states. One burger that’s very popular is the pit stop burger. That burger has cheese, bacon, onion straws, and a Sunnyside egg.

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It provides a large number of calories, protein, and iron for those who eat it, and that’s not mentioning its fantastic taste. Tommy’s Burger Stop is the name of the establishment that makes these burgers. The establishment is popular because the burgers are gigantic, and they taste great.

Another popular place to go is The Chuck Box. This burger place is in Tempe, and it has been serving delicious burgers to customers since 1972. The cooks at this establishment make the charbroiled burgers directly in front of the customers, and that’s what makes the establishment unique. The burgers all have an unforgettable smokey taste that the people who eat there love.

Big Orange is another restaurant that has delicious burgers. Its most popular burger is called the hickory smoked, and it has cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce, pickles, and more in a nice pile for the customers to enjoy. All the burgers on the list are jam-packed full of calories and nutrients.

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