Ways Frozen Desserts May Be Healthy

Ice cream cups with lids

It is no secret that frozen desserts are very popular around the world and in the United States. When you look at any two week period of time, you can find that at least 40% of the United States has indulged in such a treat, according to research by the NPD Group. In fact, it has been estimated that about 90% of all American households will enjoy a frozen dessert on a regular basis. In the United States alone, more than 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other deserts such as frozen yogurt are produced every year. That is one reason the market for frozen dessert supplies is so robust.

Most people avoid ice cream because they think it is not healthy. Here are a few ways eating ice cream can be very good for you:

Eating ice cream can be good for your waist line. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has released data showing that when women eat one serving of dairy products that are the full fat versions at least once a day, they are less likely to gain weight than women who did not. These full fat dairy products include ice cream. Researchers stress that when it coms to this kind of thing, portion size is the key to weight loss success. They say that one serving is one half cup. For most ice cream flavors, such as vanilla or chocolate, that would translate to 140 calories, 14 grams of sugar and 7 grams of fat. Including this one small serving in your daily routine can be a responsible way to indulge and help your body lose weight. This is one good reason to have small ice cream cups in your dessert supplies cabinet.

Ice cream has important vitamins. While there is no expert who is going to tell you that you should think of ice cream as being a “health food,” most ice creams do have a plentiful amount of B vitamins to improve your energy level, potassium to help lower your blood pressure, calcium that improves nerve function and builds strong bones and teeth and phosphorus. The main ingredients in ice cream are milk, cream and sugar. Because it is milk and cream based, it has a decent amount of protein. Your body needs this protein for tissue growth and repair.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream. Who did not chant that as a child? We all did! That is because ice cream tastes good and makes you feel good when you eat it. Forget the prozac and pass the ice cream! Research has come out to confirm what most people have known for a long time. The Institute of Psychiatry in London looked at brain activity that followed the consumption of vanilla ice cream. The orbitofrontal cortex was found to be activated immediately after the subjects in a study swallowed the delightful dessert. That is the part of the brain that is one of its pleasure sensors. Whenever people are having a good time, you can see activity in that part of the brain. Now science knows what everyone else does; ice cream makes people happy.

Eating ice cream can lead to a healthier libido. New research from Chicagoandrsquo;s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation has shown that men’s arousal goes up when they smell vanilla. There are certain substances in the ice cream that do help increase a person’s sex drive as well. The phosphorus and calcium help people’s energy level and are responsible for improving sex drive.

Ice cream may be helpful in the fight against infertility, If you are trying to have a baby, eating more ice cream may be the way to go about moving that process along. The journal, Human Reproduction, recently printed a study done by the Harvard University medical school. They found that when women ate ice cream that was the full fat version at least twice a week had infertility problems related to ovulation 38% less than women who did not eat the ice cream.

There are a lot of reasons to like ice cream and have the dessert supplies for it. Now you have some health reasons to break out those dessert supplies and indulge.






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