Gelato Cups and Other Sweet Treats for the Masses

Custom ice cream containers

People love their ice cream. And why wouldn’t they? The perfect combination of cold, sweet, soft, and depending on the flavor, there could be any number of different tastes and textures. While the idea of everyone’s favorite frozen sweet treat often conjures up images of summertime, ice cream can be enjoyed all year round. And according to market research conducted by the NPD Group, it most certainly is, as about 40% of people in the United States will be indulging in ice cream during any given two week period.

From gelato cups to frozen yogurt and more

Many different frozen desserts are often generalized as ice cream, but there are indeed differences, and everyone has their preferences, sometimes passionately insisting the superiority of one over the other. While some people just know that ice cream tastes the best when served in a cone on a hot day, others will stand firmly behind their gelato cups any day of the year because it is simply too good to not enjoy all year long. Frozen yogurt supporters will chime in, sorbet lovers will raise their spoons, and you might even hear from some ice cream sandwich or frozen candy bar fans. But when it comes down to it, everyone ends up happy when it comes to the delicious dessert. It doesn’t really matter if it’s gelato cups or ice cream cups or milkshakes or any combination or version in between.

Ice cream for years to come

The average person in the United States will enjoy ice cream or one of its many cousins about 28.5 times each year. That is a pretty heavy demand for the sweet treat. Somewhere around 9% of all of the milk that is produced by dairy farmers across the country is used to make ice cream. While 9% may not sound like an astronomical number, when you think of the number of cows and dairy farms producing an astronomical amount of milk, that percentage is pretty substantial. Everyone loves ice cream, and as long as there are functionally operating freezers on this planet, or let’s get real, any access to ice, there will be ice cream for the masses.

Perhaps instead of arguing which type of sweet treat is best, we should be taking it as a reason to sample all the different types of frozen sweet treats this wonderful world has to offer.

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