The 7 Benefits to Using Checkweigher Machines

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If you produce food products, you know how important product consistency is. It important from a legal standpoint but also for developing and maintaining customer loyalty. One aspect of that is making sure each package of your product contains the exact amount that you need it to. The way you can make sure you do that is to use the right checkweigher machines. They will ensure you get the right weight every time. There are some other ways the right checkweigher machines can improve your bottom line.

  1. They help you meet your customers’ expectations. When your loyal customers buy your product, they expect a certain amount to be in the package. The best way you stay within the parameters that are what your customers expect is to use checkweigher machines. They maintain the uniformity of your product to keep your customers happy.
  2. They can protect the integrity of your products. Contamination can be a real problem for food products. It is estimated that at least 48 million people are sickened every year from foodborne bacteria. Of those, 128,000 will be sent to the hospital and three thousand will die. It is often easy to discover that a batch of a food product has been contaminated because of changes in its weight. By integrating checkweigher machines into your process that includes food metal detectors and other inspection equipment, you can avoid the cost that would be associated with a recall. You also will prevent any damage to your reputation that sending out contaminated products would do.
  3. Checkweigher machines do more than weight food products. You can use your checkweigher machines to classify and sort the different food products by their weight. This will save you a lot from having to do all of your sorting the manual way. It also saves money because the sorting takes less time when it is not done manually.
  4. They make sure the right weight package is what you send out. That means the packages you send out will not weigh too much or too little. There are rules and regulations for the correct labeling of food products. They have been set and are enforced by the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). If FSIS discovers that you are routinely sending out packages that weigh less than they should, you can lose more that customer loyalty, you can face legal penalties that can cost you a lot. By the same token, you do not want to send out packages that weigh too much. As much as people may like the idea of getting more for the same amount of money, that is just you giving away too much of your product. You can prevent either scenario by using checkweigher machines.
  5. You will never send out packages that are missing parts. If your food product has multiple components, the last thing you want is to send out your packages without one or more of the components. When you use the right checkweigher machines, they can make sure you do not do this. They will check the packages and see what is missing by the weight of the package. This is not limited to the food portion of your packages. If you include items such as a spork or spoon, the machine will measure the weight and alert you to any problems with the inclusion of these secondary components.
  6. These machines help with quality control. No food producer wants to send out products with imperfections and issues. Good checkweigher machines will detect any package that are leaking, have damage to them or other problems that will make it difficult or impossible to ship. That is another way these machines can help you protect your company’s reputation.
  7. They can make your operations more efficient. As your machine tabulates and collects data and sends it to your filling station. Your production line will become a lot more efficient as the filling station is able to make adjustments from the data it receives. You will also waste less of your product due to this feature.

When integrated into your production and filling line, checkweigher machines can greatly improve the efficiency of your system and the quality of the product you send out.

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