Learn How Primerib Restaurants make the Perfect Meal

On a YouTube Video series called the Meat Show with Nick Solares titled How to Cook The Perfect Prime Rib, Chef Mario Carbone of The Grill in New York discusses how to cook the best prime. His restaurant is one of the best primerib restaurants in the city.
They researched several diverse ways to cook prime rib before they found the best method.

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They buy prime beef, not aged, and cut the bones off the roast to get to the cap. The bones are smoked for 12 hours as barbecued beef. They tie the roast with string and it is seasoned with a Montreal rub. The roast is placed on the spit and roasted for about 4 hours or more, depending on the size. After, it cools for 2 hours.

Before serving, it is rubbed with more seasoning and put into a 475-degree convection oven for one minute to develop a crispy crust outside. The finished prime rib is placed on the cart and sliced for customers, served with juice or gravy and horseradish on the side. It is a large cut, medium rare and extremely popular with customers. Nick Solares tasted the prime rib, barbecued beef ribs, and loved both. This is one-way primerib restaurants serve a delicious meal.


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