Installing Tile in Commercial Kitchens

Choosing the right material to use for tiling commercial kitchens is vital for easy maintenance and repair in the long run. This video addresses the different aspects that should be considered when one undertakes such a project.

It points out that the right preparation should be done as well as choosing products that are specifically designed for use in these kitchens. These include quick setting mortar which cure quickly. In addition, a proper commercial tile that resists harsh conditions and non-slippery should be used for the safety of the workers.

Commercial kitchens require the use of industrial grade epoxy grout because the aggressive nature of chemicals used to clean the kitchen can degrade normal grout.

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Notably, it should also be heat, stain, and fatty acid resistant. The nature of the cleaning methods and chemicals used also have a bearing on the lifespan of the tiles. An alkaline or neutral cleaner often brings the best cleaning results without compromising the integrity of the grout.

Finally, the whole installation of the tiles should come with a warranty that covers the tiles, installation materials, and labor for a period spanning at least 10 years. This protects all parties involved in the installation.

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