Safety Guidance While Using Propane

Propane is a relatively common gas that is used for cooking among other things. Due to its easy access and regular use, some people take for granted that it is still a very dangerous substance. This video will cover basic safety tips while using propane gas.

Whether you’re grilling or storing your propane tank, you need to take into account the proper safety precautions.

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Never take your propane tank inside for storage. Even when maintaining and inspecting your tank, it should always be done outdoors. It is also important to always keep your propane tank upright. There are tank holders you can buy for this.

Periodically clean your tank with a rag and soapy water. Doing this will reveal any potential leaks as bubbles will form. Be aware of any rotten egg smell that may come from the tank, that is another sign of a leak. Propane is odorless by nature, but the rotten egg smell is added to distinguish a potential safety hazard.


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