How To Age Whiskey In A Mini Barrel

Aging whiskey in a mini barrel is a quick way to enhance a whiskey’s flavor. Here are some tips on how to do it right from The Whiskey Dictionary.

Prepare a Place

Oak barrels may leak plenty of water and may stain carpeting or other fabrics, so place barrels on cookie sheets to catch water or in a sink or bathtub.


Turn off the spigot. Remove plug. Fill the barrel with hot water.

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Replace plug. Leaking is normal because the wood has not yet expanded enough to become watertight. If the rings on the mini barrel are loose, adjust every 20 minutes until they fit tightly. Let soak for one or two days. Drain water. Fill with hot water halfway, then shake for about 15 seconds to remove any wooden debris not removed from the first rinse. Drain. Repeat until the water coming from the barrel is clear.

Ageing Whiskey

Pour whiskey into the cleaned and cured mini barrel. Store the barrel in a cool, dry place. Every now and then, turn the barrel. Keep whiskey in for as long as wanted. This can be as little as two months or as long as a year. Use the spigot to taste periodically to see if it is ready.


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