Food Protection Manager Certification

This video introduces the viewer to ServSafe, a managerial training and certification program from the National Restaurant Association that provides training courses for restaurant managers who must ensure that staff follows proper food handling guidelines.

Certifications such as the Food Protection Manager Certification are an important aspect of protecting the health of restaurant patrons and staff alike. CDC research finds that half of all food-borne illnesses originate from restaurants or food-service facilities. Furthermore, 80% of restaurants that experienced a norovirus outbreak didn’t have a certified manager on the site, according to one 2011 study.

The safe serve certification offered through ServSafe was developed by expert trainers, health inspectors, food safety experts, and instruction designers to ensure that the materials promote scientifically sound practices that abide by the FDA code as well as the latest local, state, and federal requirements. Food safety training allows restaurants to operate legally and with peace of mind.

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ServSafe is the leader in this field, having certified over 8 million managers through its training program thus far. Each of these managers will go on to work for restaurants. Together with owners and operators, these managers are responsible for creating a culture that prioritizes food safety.

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