Why Tasting Spoons Are One of Life’s Simple Pleasures

Custom ice cream containers

Have you had gelato? Not just one of those gelato cups from the frozen food aisle of your favorite grocery store. We’re talking about a paper cup with a colored spoon stuck in it from an actual dessert shop.

Picture a tiny corner shop with glass windows and a bell on the door that jingles cheerfully as customers stroll in. The cool air from central AC washes over your face as you approach the glass case. A dozen flavors greet you, glossy and smooth from having up to 8% milk fat and less than 30% air and brightly colored, each flavor neatly identified with tiny labels. A chalkboard behind the register proudly proclaims the flavors of the week and a few all-time favorites.

Which do you choose? A dozen flavors, but you can only choose one. The server comes to your rescue, offering as many miniature colored spoons as it takes to help you make a decision. Yes, it’s the tasting spoon, one of life’s simple pleasures.

How could you possibly choose between blackberry and spearmint? Or between hazelnut and peanut butter, or chocolate and strawberry, without having tasted them? Those little colored spoons could actually make your night more or less enjoyable. That probably sounds a little much, yet its true. How could something as diminutive as those colored spoons possibly have any effect on someone’s night you might wonder?

It’s simple: everyone has eaten something disappointing. You can only be disappointed by not having your expectations met. For example, maybe the cake turned out to be dry, or the drink was a little strong, or the flavoring in the soup wasn’t quite right. If you had been allowed to a sample before ordering a full serving, you might have chosen differently. Those little colored spoons allow you to see what you like, and what you don’t without committing unnecessarily.

Imagine if there were no tasting spoons offered anywhere. Not at the gelato shops; or the ice cream shops; the soup sellers; the delis; or the farmer’s markets. That would take commitment, but without really knowing how you’ll react to what you’re getting. The chances for disappointment are high.

As much as 90% of Americans regularly indulge in their favorite type dessert that’s cold and sweet. With all the amazing flavors out there, it can be helpful to have a little assistance figuring out what to choose, and maybe to try a few new flavors while you’re at it.

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