What Is the Best Type of Packaging For Your Food Product?

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Are you the owner of a food manufacturing business that is in need of new or updated packaging equipment? Maybe you are rebranding and know that your packaging will be affected by that or perhaps you have created an entirely new product that will require a specifically designed type of packaging that does not exist yet. Whatever your needs might be, there is a good chance that the type of food packaging equipment you need is available somewhere. Below are three of the most commonly used types of food packaging and how they might help you:

1. Printed Shrink Sleeves – If you have visited a grocery store in the past week then you have more than likely encountered printed shrink sleeves as a food packaging option. Printed shrink sleeves are used on cans, jars, bottles, and are a quick, simple, and affordable option for manufacturers. Your marketing team can work with a graphic design team or come up with the exact label that you want on the printed shrink sleeves and then all that is left to do is to make sure you have the equipment to make sure you can use them.

2. Stock Clamshell Packaging – Clamshell packaging is also incredibly common in the food industry because, again, it is easy to use. You just work with the clamshell packaging manufacturer to make sure that your food product can fit exactly how you would like it to in the bottom of the clamshell before the top is closed down on it and eventually sealed.

3. Thermoformed Trays – Thermoformed trays are less used in food packaging recently due to the waste that is sometimes present, and Americans care about plastic recycling. In fact, 60 percent of the United States population have access to a recycling program near their home. It is good to remember, however, that experts estimate that each pound of plastic food packaging can actually reduce food waste by nearly 2 pounds! Thermoformed trays are good to use for food packaging that requires that some ingredients are separated from others such as frozen meals.

As a food manufacturer you are probably aware that how you package your food matters. In fact, studies show that over half (52 percent) of consumers actually make purchase decisions due to the way that packaging shows a brand and whether or not it makes a positive social and environmental impact. If you haven’t already tried printed shrink sleeves, clamshell packaging, or thermoformed trays, then you might want to consider them for your next product design.

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