Things to Avoid at a Hibachi Restaurant

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Hibachi restaurants are popular options for individuals looking for excellent food and a masterful culinary show. However, you need to do your homework on the restaurant before you go to know what the cooks prepare well and the dishes you may want to avoid. This video explains some of the top dishes you should be wary of ordering at a hibachi restaurant.

The first dish is tempura. Tempura is very tricky to get right. You need high-quality oil and the perfect cooking time to get delicious tempura. If the restaurant uses old oil or cooks the tempura for too long, you can end up with soft and overly greasy tempura rolls. Not exactly appetizing.

Another dish that’s difficult to make well is sushi. It may seem like a simple dish, especially since the fish is raw. However, it takes a skilled chef to properly make sushi, and only the highest grade fish can be used. These skilled chefs and high-quality fish are much more common at a dedicated sushi restaurant than a hibachi grill.

Miso soup is a delicious meal and something many Japanese restaurants pride themselves on making. The broth may be prepared over a perfect length of time and fresh benito flakes are infused skillfully. If the hibachi restaurant you choose doesn’t take enough care in their prep, you may get a subpar soup.

For more information, check out the video above.

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