How to BBQ The Best Burger

It can be difficult to craft a good burger. In fact, master chiefs take months to master the best burger possible. Thankfully, there are some tips that will help you make the best burger that you possibly can.

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First, start by rubbing a potato on the grill. This is a natural way to ensure that the burger does not stick to the grill. Plus, it adds extra flavor as the starches from the potato coat the grill grate.

Often times, burgers cooked on a grill get all dried out in the heat. This is because the flames dry up all the moisture from the burgers. However, there is a simple trick to ensure that your burgers are as juicy as ever. Place an ice cube in the middle of the burger and place a little butter on top. As the burger heats up, the ice cube will melt and compensate for the lost moisture.

Now that you have the technique down, make sure that you have the right seasoning. The right seasoning will really take your burger to the next level. Look for high quality natural seasoning for the best results. Consider creating a special sauce for your burgers too if you are feeling creative.


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