The #1 Method For Grinding Up Venison

If you have the right tools and equipment, wild game processing is an art that anyone can learn. This video shares tips and tricks for processing venison through a grinder to make a consistent grind. One of the first tips shared in this video for processing this type of wild game is to freeze the meat cubes before you grind them.

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Even the best grinders will get hung up after a certain amount of grind time. Freezing the meat before you grind will help to keep the meat moving through the grinder and put less stress on the grinder. The video also presents a side-by-side comparison of deer meat that had the silver skin removed before grinding and deer meat that had some silver skin left behind.

Anyone that is interested in processing game meat will enjoy the tips in this video. The tips are easy to follow and can make a difference in your results. Watch the video now before the next time you process some meat.

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