Check Out This Delicious Smoky Cocktail

When it comes to drinks, the mezcal NYC scene may be the greatest of all. There are several exquisite restaurants and bars to frequent downtown, and all with different specialities and flavors. If you’re in NYC and are wondering what you should order from the bar, then watch this video to get a glimpse at one of the most delicious cocktails you can try.

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The smoky pineapple mezcal cocktail is one of the most popular drinks you can get at a NYC bar, and for good reason! This video will teach you how to make this drink yourself. Let’s get started, shall we?

Mezcal is a maguey spirit that can completely change the flavor and texture of a drink. To make the smoky pineapple mezcal cocktail, you start out with a honey pineapple syrup. This mixture combines the sugar of pineapple and honey together, creating an irresistibly sweet syrup that is perfect for cocktails. Mix your pineapple with peppercorn before adding it into the honey. If you let this mixture sit overnight, you’ll get even more flavor from your syrup. Put a splash of hellfire bitters at the bottom of your glass, an ounce of mezcal, and your syrup on top. Then put a shake of peppercorn to garnish.


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