Learn About the Best Wholesale Tortillas For Your Mexican Restaurant

In a recent video on FlavCity with Bobby Parrish, titled How To Find the Best Tortillas at the Grocery store, he discusses the best wholesale tortilla products to use for home cooks and restaurants. In the video, they visit Walmart and Whole Foods to discuss tortilla chips, corn tortillas for tacos, flour tortilla wraps, and gluten free products.

Bobby Parrish advises customers to look for products that are cooked in expeller pressed oil and do not use palm or vegetable oil. Good oils for these products are safflower oils, sunflower, peanut, and canola. The less ingredients used the healthier the wholesale tortillas will be.

Healthy natural tortilla products will use whole wheat flour, no additives, and healthy oils to cook the product. Healthy gluten free tortilla products use coconut, almond flour and other flours that lack gluten.

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Check labels carefully when buying wholesale tortillas for home or your restaurant.

Both Walmart and Whole Foods have products that meet these specifications. Bobby Parrish is a home cook who started FlavCity with his wife on YouTube. He has won recipe contests and appeared on the Food Network and Rachael Ray. His comprehensive review of wholesale tortillas will help you choose the best wholesale tortillas for your restaurant or meal at home.


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