Finding a Wedding Caterer in Stamford

Catering stamford

The wedding business is booming. Nearly 40 billion dollars are spent on weddings annually in the US alone. Just because the industry supporting your big day is huge, does not mean that you will not receive one on one caring attention from your wedding vendors. Using the services of local caterers stamford will ensure you get the one on one attention you need so your big day goes off without a hitch.

About half of a weddings budget is spent on the costs associated with the reception. The services of a small wedding catering Stamford business will be able to work with you and within your budget to create a memorable food experience. Experienced catering cambridge professionals can assist in planning a family style meal, buffet or even an extensive Chinese style wedding feast.

A traditional meal at a Chinese wedding reception is a nine or ten course affair. Expensive dishes like shark fin, abalone, squab and sea bass are served. Generally meals at American wedding receptions are not that multi course intensive. By using the services of caterers Stamford you can plan a sit down meal, favored by 42 percent of couples or offer buffet service, preferred by 41 percent of couples.

Wedding caterers Stamford will be able to help not just with the meal served, but with the crowning glory of a wedding reception, the cake. No matter if you want a sky high ivory confection, an elegant minimalist cake or a grooms cake with lots of personality, caterers Stamford will help make your big day plans a reality. Learn more about this topic here.

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