A Bounty of Cooking Advice Resources

Cooking help

Americans relationship with food and cooking is pretty intense. Some say its obsessive. Others say its unhealthy. Whatever you want to call it, people are passionate about their food. And it appears that food loving Americans are thrilled about the prospect of cooking and attempting new recipes at home. Eighty percent of Americans aged 18 and older enjoy frequently cooking at home, according to a 2010 Harris poll. As a result of this interest, eight in ten adults watch cooking television shows, according to that same Harris marketing poll. Fifteen percent of that 80 percent claim to watch cooking shows very often. This public interest has led to the increase in cooking advice, cooking help, tips, and recipes that can be found on the thousands upon thousands of online resources such as websites and blogs. There are cooking advice and cooking help online sources to meet any dietary lifestyle, taste, cooking skill level, demographic, or occasion.

There are online cooking advice resources for beginners, proficient chefs, raw foodies, meat eaters, low carb addicts, or even for bakers obsessed with french desserts. There are also online communities that get very specific, such as discussing which is the best knife to use for different cuts of meat, as well as hotly debated topics such as how to cook the perfect ham. Basically, whatever your preference or interest, there is likely a cooking advice resource (or two or hundred) to match your need.

Regardless of skill level or dietary lifestyle preferences, age is factor when it comes to who seeks cooking advice online or from other forms of media. More than half of baby boomers, aged 46 to 64, are the people watching cooking advice shows very often or occasionally. Americans aged 18 to 33 say they rarely or never watch cooking advice shows. Forty one percent of Americans who enjoy cooking end up cooking at home at least five times a week. This translates into a lot time potentially spent searching cooking advice resources and online cooking help.

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