Your Kitchen Sanitation Checklist


Creating a kitchen sanitation checklist is a vital part of safety and sanitation in the kitchen. Ktchen safety and sanitation must begin with food preparation safety but these are only the beginning of your kitchen safety tips. Some of the things that should go onto your kitchen sanitation checklist should be nothing more than common sense to you but they should still be there just in case.

One of the biggest rules should be that anything that hits the floor immediately gets thrown away. This is because the average kitchen floor has 830 bacteria per square inch with most of them being in the area that’s directly in front of your kitchen sink. So, the 5 second rule that everyone has heard of should never be employed. However, more women then men utilize this rule, especially when it comes to a sweet treat.

Food safety guidelines have been put in place to keep you and your family both safe and healthy as you prepare food. Therefore, it’s a good idea to always have your kitchen sanitation checklist handy so that everyone knows where it is and thus is sure to follow it. This is the best way to keep everyone in your household safe and healthy, regardless of who may be preparing the food.

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