To Your Health, 4 Reasons Drinking Coffee Is Good for You

Office coffee vendor

If you like your morning coffee, you are not at all alone. Americans love their morning cups of coffee. When asked, at least 62% of people who took part in a survey for the National Coffee Drinking Trends report said they had consumed coffee the day before. If you need a reason to get a coffee machine for the office, consider these data. At least 54% of all people in the United States, who are over the age of 18, drink coffee.

More than 46% of office workers in the United States report that they are more productive when they drink coffee. If you notice people standing around the coffee machine for the office, that may make you smile at all of the extra work they are able to do but you are also doing them a good service. More and more research shows the health benefits to having between three and four cups of joe a day. T

  1. It can make you happier. The Harvard School of Public Health looked at the impact coffee had on respondents’ mental health and the results were clear. When women drink at least four cups of coffee every day, they become 20% less likely to suffer from depression. Given how debilitating that can be, this may be a good reason by itself to get an office coffee maker. his may be due to the increase in energy that people feel when they drink coffee.
  2. Coffee is also good for your heart. New research suggests that drinking it can make a person’s heart healthier. According to scientists at the University of Southampton showed that when people drink between three and four cups of coffee each day, they reduce their risks for developing heart disease when compared to people who never touch the stuff. The beverage seems to prevent a host of liver problems.
  3. You lower your risk for diabetes. This is especially crucial in the United States, which is suffering from an epidemic of obesity. When you drink coffee, from the coffee machine for the office or elsewhere, you do a lot to help prevent the development of diabetes. The same process at work here can help prevent kidney stones, several kinds of cancer (liver, skin and prostate), gout and metabolic syndrome. In the past, some research has shown a link between coffee consumption and an increased risk of cancer but now scientists say that the benefits far outweigh and problems with the beverage.
  4. Drinking coffee can protect your brain and nervous system. People who rink more coffee have a lower risk for developing such conditions as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Caffeine has also been linked to increased mental acuity. When people are given a dose of about 200 mg of caffeine, they are found to be able to identify both phrases and words faster. That may be what leads to the higher productivity among office workers who indulge in the beverage on a daily basis.

There are some considerations to make before having another cup of health benefits of coffee or tea. The health benefits of coffee may not be enough for some people to drink more. Health professionals say that women who are pregnant and people with severe osteoporosis should be careful with their caffeine intake. Another factor that people want want to consider is the type of coffee they drink. When people go for a speciality coffee, many of these are loaded with fat and sugar. The health benefits of drinking coffee can be negated by putting tons of those things in it.

There are lots of good things that come from drinking coffee. Workers who talk to each other around the coffee machine for the office, they get to know each other better, bond and can become more effective workers. As more and more research is done on coffee and caffeine, it becomes clear that drinking it is better for you than not.

Just one cup can help get people through a long work day. The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that just one cup can last for up to six hours. That gets you and your worker a lot of bang for their buck.

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