Five Tips for Throwing a Mexican Holiday Office Party

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Planning an office holiday party that pleases everyone can be difficult, if not impossible. Different employees have varying entertainment and food preferences. While you want to choose something that is fun and accommodating for everyone, you also have to make sure that it is office friendly. These holiday planning tips will help you plan the best office party.

Choose a date that works with all departments

Choosing a date for the office party can be tough. A week that is busy for one department might be slow for another. You also don?t want to have a party during a time that could affect customer service. Additionally, if you are attempting to have an after hours party, you have to work around the employee?s family schedules too. Choosing a date should begin far in advance. Ask that each department submit the days that work best for them. Also, when you give employees a long notice, they can make other arrangements.

Order your catering menu ahead of time

Once you decide on a catering menu to serve at the office holiday party, you want to make sure you book it early enough. Popular Mexican restaurants tend to book up for catering many months in advance, especially during the holiday season. If you want the best Mexican restaurants to cater your holiday party, be sure to secure the date well in advance. As of 2011, there are 38,000 Mexican restaurants dispersed all across the American landscape. But, if you want a particular one, find out their catering options early.

Create a menu that works for your party time

If you are planning an office holiday party during work hours, you probably don?t want to include alcoholic beverages in your catering package. You also might want to keep spicy foods to a minimum. Many authentic Mexican dishes include very spicy of peppers and sauces. However, if you are planning an evening or after work party, pairing Mexican drinks with the most popular Mexican restaurant foods is sure to be a hit. Mexican might be more versatile of a food choice than you think. Mexican food continues to be the most popular ethnic food segment in the United States, with a 42% share of ethnic food sales.

Decide on gifts or party favors

Many employees are confused when it comes to work and gift giving. Are they expected to gift at the office holiday party? Is upper management expected to give cash bonuses to lower level employees? It is best to be clear about gifts, as it makes everyone more comfortable with the office party. You can also provide gifts to your employees without breaking the office budget. Allow everyone to take home some popular Mexican restaurant desserts. Even a small bonus or cash card for additional holiday spending is appreciated. Just make sure you decide on the gift decision ahead of time, so you have time to organize it.

Choose entertainment that is actually fun

Entertainment is really what makes or breaks a holiday party. If employees are expected to mingle as their source of entertainment, they are likely to get bored quickly and people are more likely to leave the event early. Consider bringing in entertainment. You can hire a local live band or organize a trivia night. If you want to stick with the Mexican party theme, play some Mexican party games or have a Mexican party entertainer. You can even make the food the source of entertainment with a build your own sauce area. The 7 moles (sauces) include Negro (black or chocolate mole), Rojo (red mole), Coloradito (brown mole), Amarillo, Verde, Chichilo, and Manchamantel.

These tips will help you plan an office holiday party that is unique, entertaining, and memorable. For a Mexican twist on the traditional party, cater from a local, popular Mexican restaurant and hire an entertainer that your guests will enjoy.

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