This Tip Can Help Elevate Corporate Catering Companies to the Next Level

If you have a passion for creating things in the kitchen and a drive to be a part of fantastic special events, a catering company might be a place for you to thrive. However, owning and operating a small business will require much more than a knack for executing recipes. Corporate catering companies also need to develop small business savviness or your business endeavor doesn’t stand a chance.

One of the biggest hurdles small businesses need to face is building a reliable client base.

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Having a core group of corporate customers you can count on is a way to keep your catering company afloat despite fluctuation from season to season. One secret tip that can help you create your client pool is to forge relationships with office managers throughout your community. Office managers are often responsible for hiring catering services for their workplaces, sometimes as often as once a week or even daily! To connect with an office manager, send them a message on a professional platform such as LinkedIn. Once you’ve been introduced, offer them a free tasting of your menu. While you might have to sacrifice a few of your services upfront, you’ll definitely cover this loss when you enjoy consistent patronage after you land the deal.

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