The Benefits Of Using Micro Greens In Fine Dining

Uses for crystallized rose petals

Have you heard of organic micro greens? Even if you haven’t you’d probably recognize them if you saw them – and you might have even eaten them without knowing what they were! Organic micro greens have become more and more popular in the restaurant world, typically used as small addition or as a small side dish for a larger item on the menu, and petite micro greens are rich in flavor and ideal when fresh and tender. Though organic micro greens have sprung into popularity only within the past few years, they have been around for an astounding three decades, long used by chefs and culinary minds to add color and freshness to many a plate.

When used in the restaurant industry, organic micro greens are rated on a scale of one to five, mostly based on their freshness and physical appearance. Anything that is rated a three or above is considered to be a marketable product, and anything below a three is often considered to be virtually unusable. In order to keep organic micro greens and petite microgreens in their best possible condition, they should be stored at a temperature of 4 at 4 degrees celsius (around 40 degrees Fahrenheit) to be kept in the best quality that they can be.

When used in find dining establishments, organic micro greens are typically used as plate decoration. These micro greens are also edible, making them both fashionable and functional, and are enjoyed by children and adults alike. In fact, children tend to prefer seven or so colors per plate that they eat, and micro greens can often provide that much needed pop of color.

Organic micro greens are certainly not the only edible plant or flower. On the contrary, there are more than one hundred different kinds of edible flowers and edible plants. Many of these are used to add something special to an otherwise unexciting plate, and include crystallized viola and edible flowers for salads. Edible flowers are typically used in salads and on bakery items, but can be added to a wide variety of different dishes. The benefits of using organic micro greens and other edible plants or flowers for decorative purposes are vast. They can easily be used to decorate a plate in a way that elevates it to find dining, and can even appeal to the younger crowd (who typically prefer colorful dishes).

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