Taking A Look At The Growth Of The Craft Beer Industry In The United States

From the insulated beer growler to the glass of wine, there are many ways to relax after a long day and enjoy a little something to take the edge off. Beer in particular, often served through an insulated beer growler or even double wall growler, is hugely popular in the United States, with as many as very nearly fifteen percent of all people (over the age of legal drinking, which, in the country of the United States, is twenty one) enjoy at least one beer beverage (sometimes out of an insulated beer growler) a week, if not even more frequently than that. In fact, many people will casually enjoy a beer at least once a night. In just the one year of 2015, now about three full years ago, the general American population consumed more than twenty seven and a half gallons of both cider as well as beer by the time that the year had drawn to a close. And now more than forty percent of all legal drinkers in this country will actually choose beer over other types of alcoholic beverages, including both spirits as well as wine (though both are still popular forms of alcoholic beverages here in the United States).

Domestic breweries and craft breweries are, in particular, becoming more popular and widespread than ever before. In fact, very nearly ninety percent (eighty five percent, to be exact) of all beer that is drunk in the United States is domestically made, with only about fifteen percent of it actually imported from other countries around the world. This has helped to raise the number of total breweries, craft and otherwise, in the United States to a higher number than ever before, totaling in (in the year of 2015) at about four thousand and two hundred and sixty nine when all was said and done. In the few years that have intervened since, this number of total breweries has only continued to increase, and the craft beer market is valued in at around twenty three and a half billion dollars. Such breweries now even make up as much as twelve percent of the total market share of the beer industry all around the entirety of the world – the beer drinking world in particular.

When you go to a craft brewery, there are many ways to enjoy the beer that they offer, as well as the food selection that is also likely to be available (ciders are also common, and glasses of wine might also even be available for purchase). Drinking from an insulated beer growler is likely to be the way to go when you go to any given craft brewery, as is drinking from a stainless steel beer growler. If you like a particular beer very much, you might even choose to take home an insulated beer growler – or even more than one insulated beer growler or personalized growler or even a mini keg growler. Drinking beer can be enjoyed in many different ways, and in many different flavors. This is part of the joy of going to a craft brewery, as craft breweries that offer the standard insulated growler are likely to offer types of beer that you won’t be easily able to find elsewhere in the country or even all throughout the entirety of the world. Bringing home an insulated growler allows you to enjoy your favorite beer in the comfort of your own home, which is something that cannot always be done with craft beers, as they might not always be sold in the typical grocery store where other and more commercial types of beer are sold – though this is changing as craft beer becomes more and more popular and more and more mainstream than ever before.

From the insulated beer growler to the stainless growler to the growler keg with the growler pressure cap, there are many ways to enjoy your craft beer at home. And craft beer is rising in popularity as well as in prosperity, and is likely to keep continuing to grow in the years that come.

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