Solid Wood Table Tops Are Popular Furniture Pieces

This has been a winter when you have completed more projects in your wood shop than ever before. From the table tops that you created for the two new pieces of furniture in the basement to the reclaimed wood paneling that you have installed in the library, there are a number of pieces that you are very proud of. Rustic furniture sells for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars, so you are glad that you have been able to create some of these pieces yourself.

From wood tables for restaurants to the much smaller table tops that are used in homes, there are many times when reclaimed wood is the perfect solution. As more and more home and business owners look for ways to make sure that there spaces are getting the latest upgrades, it should come as no surprise that reclaimed wood is continuing to grow in popularity. With this popularity, of course, comes higher prices for materials and, sometimes, a scarcity for these items as well.

When Was the Last Time That You Purchased New Furniture Pieces for Your Home or Office?

Did you know that wood makes up roughly 20% to 30% of construction and demolition waste? As a result, there is a growing movement to make sure that as much of this material is reclaimed as possible. This reclamation process not only helps eliminate waste, it is also limits the harvesting of other trees that would need to be used if the reclaimed materials were not used.

Nearly 30% of the Earth’s landmass is covered by forests, according to National Geographic. This forest plays an important role in the ecosystem of our world. By reusing and reclaiming construction and demolition waste, these forest areas can be more easily maintained. When you realize, for instance, that the majority of hardwood trees take anywhere from 40 to 60 years to fully mature you realize the importance of the fact that an estimated 2.7 million tons of wood pallets were recycled in 2015.

Whether you are looking for more time in your personal shop to craft your own wooden furniture or you are preparing to purchase new wood restaurant tables for your new business, it is always important to consider the advantages of working with reclaimed construction or demolition waste when possible.

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