Opening a Juice Bar for a Gym or Hotel

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There are many beverages around the world today, with beer, tea, coffee, and plain water ranking as among the most popular, while others such as fruit juices also have widespread popularity and appeal. Where fruit juice is concerned, nearly anyone would appreciate adding some more nutrients and flavor to their diet with the help of home products such as an automatic juicer or an automatic citrus juicer, and for commercial drinks, opening a juice bar is a great way to allow patrons anywhere to have a nutritious, sweet drink. After all, fruits have a lot of vitamins and nutrients that the human body needs, and opening a juice bar can be a quick way to help gym or fitness club patrons get the bodily fuel that they need. Other locales may consider opening a juice bar as well, such as a hospital or even a hotel, and commercial fruit juicers, an industrial juicer, and more may be featured a juice bar so that every glass of fruit juice is poured fresh. What might opening a juice bar entail?

Fruit and Health

Fruit is a vital part of a person’s healthy, balanced diet, and what’s even better, fruit often tastes great. Some popular flavors for other foods, candy, or medicine often involve fruit, such as cherries, blueberries, pineapples, apples, and more, and fruit juices, smoothies, and the actual fruit can be a natural treat, not to mention very healthy. The bad news is that Americans are often falling short; the Dietary Guidelines for Americans says that people should be eating several cups of fruits and vegetables per day, but nearly 70% of Americans are not even meeting that goal. But it is never too late for someone to put some nutrition back into their diets, and companies can try opening a juice bar to attract more customers and boost the appeal of an establishment, not to mention help everyone get a nutritious drink.

Fruits have all kinds of health benefits for human beings. Pineapple juice, for example, may contain 33 mg of calcium and 30 mg of magnesium in an eight-ounce serving of unsweetened juice, and it also contains bromelain. This is a proteolytic enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties, which can make it helpful for those treating sports injuries by reducing bruising and swelling. Orange juice is another strong option. A 100 ml serving of 100% orange juice has a lot to offer, such as vitamins C and A, not to mention potassium, fiber, folate, protein, and minerals. Other fruits such as apples, grapefruits, bananas, can often be made into juices or smoothies.

Opening a Juice Bar

Regular alcoholic bars are popular already, and can be either standalone buildings or worked into public spaces such as a hotel, and juice bars can follow this model. Not everyone is looking for a beer; fruit juices are popular because of their natural and sweet fruit flavors, and their health benefits are well known. Those who are very invested in health and fitness will often love to find juice bars nearby, and other patrons who cannot have alcohol, or do not want to, can have a flavorful drink at a juice bar instead, and juices can be more flavorful and fun than simple apple or orange juice found in cartons at the grocery store. A juice bar involves the freshest possible juice, often squeezed right then and there, and different juices can be mixed into non-alcoholic cocktails and other combination drinks, and for fun, they might even include an orange or pineapple wedge on the glass.

Opening a juice bar can be done in any trendy downtown area where patrons may take an interest, and younger patrons may look for the best drinks possible. A recent survey found that 40% of young adults, such as Millennials, are simply bored with standard fruit juices and flavors, instead looking for unique and custom blends that may be found at a dedicated juice bar. And juice bars at a gym or a hospital are not just offering a flavorful drink, but also helping boost the nutrition and health of their patrons, and fruit juice can aid recovery, such as for hospital patients or those recovering after a hard workout.

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