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Steaks online

The beef industry is as old as the US, and like the US, it has moved fully into the twenty first century. Instead of spending time and gas money to get groceries, you can now order steak online! An internet meat marketplace is the next logical step for the evolution of the meat market, which has been changing with the country as long as it has existed.

Along with the marketplace, steak preparation has changed with time and technology, too. The charcoal briquette itself was only invented in 1920 by Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. Before that it was done with a wood fire. Now, we increasingly use natural gas. Like grilling technology, steak sales technology has also changed over the past century, leading to you being presently able to buy steak online from our online steak company.

When you order steak, once you receive it, be sure to freeze any beef that you will not use within a few days and store it at at least zero degrees Fahrenheit. Once you are ready to cook your steak, let it thaw and come to room temperature. Be sure to make sure that the steak is dry on the surface, otherwise it will not brown properly when cooked. Generally, only flip a steak once: cook it on one side until it has cooked through as much as you want, then flip it and let it finish cooking. This sears the surface of the steak and helps to lock in moisture.

If you want to get steaks online, you have many options. There are over 50 breeds of cattle and 10 that make up the majority of the meat you buy, like the popular Angus. When you order steak online, you are no longer limited to the variety or two that your local grocery store supplies. If you order steak online with us, we will ensure that you always have a wide variety of options to choose from. Try different varieties and see what you like the most. Steak has officially arrived in the new century and so have you. Order steak online today!

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