Need Some Help Setting Up A Good Menu? Mexican Dishes Remain A Popular Catering Choice

You’ve got a gathering coming up. It’s a last-minute event and you’re scrambling to find some good food to satisfy a bunch of people with different tastes, personalities and hunger levels. Who can help you out on such short notice?

Mexican dishes and event catering have you covered. Casual catering is a useful resource for just about anyone in your situation, stuck between a rock and a hard place with a ticking clock counting down. Professionals can deliver the perfect amount of food hot and ready to go, saving you some much-needed stress so you can get to partying as soon as possible. When you put your faith in Mexican food? You choose an option that’s delicious, healthy and beloved by many.

Here are five reasons why your upcoming party should be a taco party.

Mexican Food Is Crazy Popular

Why choose Mexican dishes? Popularity isn’t a bad reason to go with! It’s estimated one out of every 10 restaurants in the United States sell Mexican food, making it the most popular cultural cuisine. Yes, that even means it beats out Chinese and Italian for the top spot! By the time April of 2017 came around there were nearly 60,000 Mexican restaurants dotting the country. That’s as many as 10% of all restaurants in the United States. When you’re tearing your hair out with stress, taco catering Orange County can give you a much-needed break.

Stay Healthy With Mexican Cuisine

Not only are Mexican dishes delicious, they’re nutritious. It’s thought Americans consume over four billion tacos every year…and that’s even before we get into the varieties tacos come in! Salsa is the number one condiment around the world, surpassing even ketchup and mayonnaise, and it’s not hard to see why when you peek at the health benefits. Mexican dishes regularly incorporate the major food groups to provide a well-rounded meal that leaves you feeling great by the end of the day. Whether you eat meat or are a strict vegetarian, everyone has something to love!

There’s Always An Event Happening

A Mexican catering menu can fit into all sorts of events. When you always have parties cropping up in your life, leaning on a good catering service can save you a lot of stress. Back in 2016 over 230 million Americans used Mexican food and ingredients in day-to-day life or for major events. One recent study found half of all women planning their wedding admitting it was much more stressful than they imagined, with the majority consensus stating 11 hours every week spent planning. Could Los Angeles taco catering take a bite out of that?

Tacos Have Plenty Of Variety

Taco pairings are a top-notch choice for a birthday party or wedding reception because they’re delicious, healthy and wonderfully varied. Hard tacos add a delightful crunch to any menu design, particularly popular with kids, while soft tacos are easy to wrap, fold and enjoy. The average number of wedding guests is 165, which can be a difficult number to manage if it’s your first or even your second time. One study found over 55% of brides stating they want to provide excellent food at their wedding. Could fancy tacos be in your future?

Create A Taco Bar That’ll Get People Talking

When you’re up to your nose in stress and struggling to get a breath of fresh air amid all the scheduling, planning and designing…taco catering and Mexican dishes can provide an easy option for once. Popular with Americans young and old, with plenty of health benefits, to boot, taco catering services are a great choice for your upcoming event. You can hash out the details with a professional to make sure vegetarians or those with allergies are accommodated while scheduling your event to make sure the food arrives hot and freshly prepared.

You’re not out of options! Try out a taco bar to cure what ails you and see what some hot, fresh ingredients can do to put a smile on everyone’s face.

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