How Kitchen Tools Can Save Time In A Commercial Kitchen

Commercial deli slicer

Going out to eat is an incredibly popular (some might even say favorite) American past time – in just one year, restaurant sales regularly reach over $700 billion and almost 35% of all people in the United States eat out at least once a week. Because of this, working in a restaurant kitchen can be a stressful career, what with the high demand for quality food (and the increasingly high demand for health foods, of which almost 70% of millennials in the United States look for on the menu). Kitchen implements like an electric meat tenderizer and spiral dough mixer, among a number of others, can help to make life in the kitchen somewhat easier.

An electric meat tenderizer is particularly useful now, as meat consumption has been shown to be steadily increasing in the United States. In just a few short years, average meat consumption will meet (no pun intended) 200 pounds a year just per capita. For those who work in the restaurant industry, an electric meat tenderizer can help to more quickly prepare the meat that is so high in demand right now. A professional meat grinder can also help to increase restaurant productivity, but it’s important to take good care of it. The separated parts of your meat grinder should be kept cold while not in use, and it’s recommended to put every part of your meat grinder, as well as the meat itself, in the freezer for an hour before using it to make sure that everything is thoroughly and adequately chilled.

Aside from kitchen tools like the electric meat tenderizer and the professional meat grinder, implements like an industrial dough mixer as well as a dough rolling machine can also increase kitchen productivity, especially for those who work in the bakery industry or a restaurant like a pizza place (pizza has been named the number one comfort food of people in the United States and is therefore always in high demand. In fact, almost half of all Americans eat pizza at least once a week, if not more frequently). Kneading dough by hand can be laborious, time consuming work, and can take nearly half an hour. Fortunately, through using an industrial dough mixer, a baker or chef can cut that time in half and focus more time on other aspects of food preparation.

The restaurant industry is a busy and booming one, one that could be overwhelming to those that work in it. Fortunately, kitchen implements like the electric meat tenderizer and the industrial dough mixer can help to take away some of that stress.

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