Fresh Seafood is a Great Option for Fun Dinner Parties

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Most of us fancy ourselves as people who take care to protect the planet whenever possible. We understand that we all belong here on the earth, and we want to eat sustainable seafood and take other measures to protect our planet from the worst ecological disasters when possible.

Eco friendly seafood is more in style lately as more of the public awakens to the fact that seafood is not a guarantee and that we are doing a lot of damage to fish supplies at the moment. They may not even be around for us forever at the rate that we are plowing through them. Thus, we need to look for the best sustainable seafood we can find when we dine at waterfront restaurants.

It is fairly easy enough to look at a fish safety guide and get a better idea of what kind of fish are safe for you to consume and which you need to steer clear of. These guides are put out so people know which way to turn when they start to order some seafood off the menu. They can gain a lot by noticing these guidelines and adhering to them in their own life. After all, you really only want to eat the best and safest fish anyway.

Stone crabs

While there are lots of choices available when you host a dinner party, ranging from exquisite pasta dishes to hearty burgers, hot dogs, and sausages from the grill, including stone crab claws is a great way to make sure guests appreciate the menu you choose. Crab is one of the most popular seafoods around, and stone crabs are famous for their savory claws. So if you are planning on having family or friends over for a nice big dinner, they are a great way to not only make the meal tasty, but also memorable.

Unfortunately, Florida’s southwest coast is the only place in the world that stone crabs are harvested commercially. This means that a trip to the grocery store might not be enough to find all of the items that you are looking for when you want to plan a party. Instead, you might have to think about planning way ahead and buying seafood online to get the tasty items you want. Though some might be apprehensive about getting the best stone crab claws delivered to them, the reality is that doing so might be the only way to add a unique flavor to the meal you are planning.

Though every cook has their own preferences, there are several standard ways to eat stone crab claws. One of the most common ways is to dip them in a mustard sauce or, like other seafood, including lobsters, clams, and scallops, they can be dipped into hot, melted butter. Plus, they can be grilled, boiled, or cooked in the oven. Each method will bring out provide a bit of a different texture, so taking the time to try each one is vital if you want to prepare the tastiest meal possible.

If you want to provide your guests with stone crabs, then you might have to make sure your party is during the right time of year. Not only is availability limited because of high demand, but they are also only in season from October 15 to May 15 every year. They come in small, medium, and large sized, but if you want to prepare them for your guests, then you will have to make the buying seafood online decision and the right time of year.

Being nervous about buying seafood online and having it arrive at your home not as fresh as it would be if you got it at the market is a legitimate concern. However, shipping companies use advanced technology to keep fish cold and speedy trucks and delivery vehicles to get seafood to you quickly. As a result, no matter where you live or how far from the Florida coast you are, getting tasty stone crab claws on your table is easy. Get more here:

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