Cooking Advice for the Masses is Always Available

Cooking help

Cooking is my favorite thing to do. I love experimenting in the kitchen. Since I am an experimenter, I am regularly looking for cooking advice to fix experiments gone wrong. I have found that online cooking advice works best for me. Probably because online cooking help is available any time I want it at the end of my fingertips. My stew is too sweet? I will look for cooking advice online to see the best way to reverse the sweetness. The recipe calls for basil but I forgot to buy it? Then I will look for cooking advice online to see what a good basil substitute is.

Another thing I love about online cooking advice is that it is so varied. For example, last night I made a Thai green curry with chicken. It was bland. I wanted to go outside of the box for ideas of how to fix it. I grabbed my kitchen iPad and typed into the search engine that I was looking for a quick fix to bland Thai green curry. There were literally hundreds of options. I read through them and picked my favorite. Fish sauce, lime juice and a little sweetened condensed milk. In my life I have never, ever heard of someone adding sweetened condensed milk to a Thai green curry. Or any curry for that matter. But Oh. My. Gawd. It was the best curry I have ever made. All thanks to my perusing cooking advice online.

I like to give back to the online community too. Cooking advice online works both ways. I like to give my own cooking advice online when I see a question on a cooking page that I can help answer. Its the internet circle of life to give cooking advice online to each other. Check it out. It will change your life.

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