Commercial Kitchen Design Tips You Must Know About

Commercial kitchens are found in the hospitality sector, where the main aim is to prepare food for customers. This video highlights important design tips for commercial kitchens.

The layout must ensure that the staff manages to carry out their tasks effectively, thus increasing turnaround time, customer fulfillment, and overall efficiency.

Examine the general area regarding power supply and plumbing. Usually, commercial kitchen space is allocated 40% of the total space.

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Consult the chef. They will know the raw materials needed, storage space and commercial kitchen equipment required, and how best to process food from farm to table.

The menu also indicates how to store supplies, when, where, and what needs to be cooked, and the required equipment. The menu will also reveal prep and cooking times and delivery times.

Ensure health codes are followed and the required licenses and permits are obtained.

The basic functions of a commercial kitchen are:

a. Storage and inventory
b. Food preparation
c. Cooking and meal preparation
d. Delivery bay
e. Cleaning and maintenance

Types of commercial kitchen layouts:

a. Island floor plan
b. Zonal floor plan
c. Assembly line floor plan

A kitchen display system also improves communication between teams.

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