4 Reasons to Look Into Growlers If You Love Beer

Beer containers

If you enjoy craft or microbrewed beer, you are not alone. It has been estimated that the industry for those beverages in the United States is worth around $23.5 billion. In general, beer is very popular around the country. Approximately 43% of people who 21 years old or older say they prefer to drink beer rather than wine or liquor. Nearly 14% of people around the country say they drink beer at least once a week. if you enjoy beer or know people who do, getting double wall growler may be a great idea. Here are some reasons to look at these as gifts or to have around the home:

  1. They make it easy to bring beer with you. While there are a lot of growlers around, most of them have handles. Whether you are looking at double wall growlers, insulated stainless steel growlers or other kinds of beer growlers, you can get them with handles that make it easier to bring beer with you when you want to. Growlers are also not all that heavy so even when they are full, they make transporting your beer from place to place as easy as can be. Moreover, your beer will not lose any freshness during the transportation process.
  2. You can have the brewery experience at home. You may love going to a local brewery to enjoy the beer they make but do not always want to go out to enjoy beer. The good news is that you can get that fresh taste from the brewery at home when you have growlers to take it home with you. When you take the first sip of your beer that you brought home from your favorite brewery, you will feel like you are at the site where the beer was made. That is how fresh your double wall growler will keep your beverage. Talk to the people at the brewery to make sure they will let you bring and fill up your growlers when you go.
  3. You can let your friends get the true taste of your own beer. If you brew your own beer, you know how much fun it can be to share it with friends and family. Getting your beer to those people in your life with whom you want to share it can be a challenge. Bottling homebrew in individual bottles can be a messy and time consuming experience. That is where good custom growlers come in really handy. Using beer growlers can be a great way to bring beer to parties or to go give as gifts.
  4. They can give you a way to tap a new keg. If you run or own a bar, you know that sometimes you can take beer from a keg that is running low and put it in a double wall growler to keep it fresh. You can avoid having downtime for a certain kind of beer between when a keg has run out and when another keg has been brought from your storage area to the floor. This will keep your customers happy and will save time and money.

Beer is one of the most popular beverages in the United States. In 2015, adults around the country were reported to have consumed about 27.5 gallons of beer or cider each. This is good for the American economy as at least 85% of the beer people drink in the United States is made there.

If you make your own beer, enjoy going to a local microbrewery or manage an establishment that sells beer, you have a number of ways to store it and to serve it. Using double wall growlers can have a big impact on how fresh the beverage tastes and can make the beer drinking experience a lot better.

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