4 Ideas of Events that Can be Held at a Golf Club

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When you think of a premier golf course, the immediate picture that comes to most people’s mind is green, tranquility and peace, birds tweeting, a refreshing and relaxing game of golf, the sun shining and general well being. This is not to far off the truth. However, the difference is that even premier golf courses can be used for things other than golf. The rolling hills and green landscapes can make for a great backdrop to a number of other things besides just public golf tournaments. Here are just a few things that golf courses cater to.

  1. Weddings
    Premier golf clubs make for quite romantic wedding places. There are usually places designated off course so that no one has to worry about being hit with a stray golf ball during the wedding. The golf course will usually charge a fee but other than that you can hold a fairly inexpensive ceremony on the grounds and then the reception can be held at the golf resort’s restaurant, whether that is inside or outside, depending on the weather. A premier golf course will likely generally only provide the space. Sometimes they will rent out chairs and things like that but for the most part, you will need to rent your own linens and decorations and anything else that you need like a carpet for the aisle or flowers or an archway to stand under while saying the vows.

  2. Sunday Brunch
    Even if you are not playing golf, most golf clubs will open up their restaurants to the public making for a very pleasant Sunday afternoon. The food prepared at these buffets is top quality and not your every day run of the mill, low quality food. You can except high quality meats and sides as well as vegetarian options and dessert. This is not the type of place that you would want to bring a whole party but a nice, quiet lunch for the family is just exquisite as a golf course. If one of your party is a member, there are many perks that can be expected when bringing your family to eat there.

  3. Special Holidays
    Many times, fancy golf resorts will host dinners for holidays like Valentine’s Day or Thanksgiving which will be open to all members and their families. They really go all out for these events and it is always a very good time. Celebrating your holiday at the golf resort is not a thing you do ‘if you can’t find anything else’ but it requires RSVP’s and reservations, usually. Keep in mind, that you can cancel your reservation but they might require some sort of advance knowledge, as much as possible.

  4. Premier Golf Course Events
    Typical golf club events involve things like fund raisers, membership incentives, new member parties and other such events. These are fairly common for any kind of golf club as they always have to be bringing in new members in order to increase revenues. A lot of times, they will allow charities and companies to host events on their property in order to fund raise for their own purposes but still be able to earn money by charging the company a fee for holding the event there.

There are a lot of other things that can be done on a golf course. Golf courses are known to be some of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes and any good course will be kept very nice green and incredibly green. While this does take a lot of water and upkeep, golf clubs do everything that they can to make sure that they are being as environmentally friendly as possibly, using reclaimed water and other such resources. This makes it very attractive for even eco friendly companies to use golf clubs to host their events.

If you have an event that you are hosting and are considering venues, then you should definitely look in to your local golf club and see what they have to offer. Chances are you will end up throwing the event of a life time if you do choose to hold your party or fund raiser or wedding at a golf club.

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