Five Tips for Throwing a Mexican Holiday Office Party

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Planning an office holiday party that pleases everyone can be difficult, if not impossible. Different employees have varying entertainment and food preferences. While you want to choose something that is fun and accommodating for everyone, you also have to make sure that it is office friendly. These holiday planning tips will help you plan the best office party.

Choose a date that works with all departments

Choosing a date for the office party can be tough. A week that is busy for one department might be slow for another. You also don?t want to have a party during a time that could affect customer service. Additionally, if you are attempting to have an after hours party, you have to work around the employee?s family schedules too. Choosing a date should begin far in advance. As

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To Your Health, 4 Reasons Drinking Coffee Is Good for You

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If you like your morning coffee, you are not at all alone. Americans love their morning cups of coffee. When asked, at least 62% of people who took part in a survey for the National Coffee Drinking Trends report said they had consumed coffee the day before. If you need a reason to get a coffee machine for the office, consider these data. At least 54% of all people in the United States, who are over the age of 18, drink coffee.

More than 46% of office workers in the United States report that they are more productive when they drink coffee. If you notice people standing around the coffee machine for the office, that may make you smile at all of the extra work they are able to do but you are also doing them a good service. More and more research shows the health benefits to having between three an

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Frozen Yogurt Spoons A Great Way to Experience New Flavors

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There are quite a few people within the United States that enjoy decadent frozen desserts. In fact, recent surveys show that 90% of American households indulge on a regular basis. Ice cream in particular is popular, and the NPD Group found that 40% of Americans will consume this delicious dessert about every two weeks. Over the course of this year, the average person within the United States will enjoy ice cream about 29 times. Then there are those that will enjoy it even more often.

While some people may enjoy eating gelato, ice cream, and frozen yogurt on a cone, so many more prefer to slip ice cream or frozen yogurt spoons into a dessert c

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What Do You Eat When You Are Looking for a Nutritional Snack?

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From the best chia seeds to walnuts, more and more Americans are looking for the most nutritional ways to get the protein and fiber that they need. In a time when more and more Americans are trying to eat organic and avoid preservatives, it should come as no surprise that raw macadamia nuts, white chia seeds, and cashews are growing increasingly popular.
Finding a way to get the nutritional value you need without over consuming calories is a trick that more and more Americans are trying to achieve. Whether you are just figuring out pecan benefits or you are looking for ways to understand the nutritional value of nuts or you are looking to try different types of walnuts, exploring the options of eating healthy cont

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Cultivating The Morning Ritual The Importance Of Coffee Shops In America

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Everyone has their own morning ritual to help them get started off on the right foot. This can be doing a series of stretches in the morning to work out sore muscles or walking the dog to get a little fresh air. The art of the morning ritual also lends itself to food and is something your average American knows a thing or two about. Coffee shops have seen an unprecedented boom over the past decade, providing millions of people the drinks, easy lunches and snacks they need to get through their day proper.

Your establishment should do more than just provide a tasty soup or convenient drip coffee. You need to get to the heart of what people need to have the best day possible.

Did You Know?

The United States is hungry for coffee. The country imported over

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Why Should you Only Purchase Grass Fed Meat Products?

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Do you know what is in the meats that you eat on a daily basis? Are you aware of the ingredients of the meats that you serve to your family every day? Most people do not know what is in their meat products. Instead, they trust their local grocery store to sell them only the best of meat products. However, you might be surprised to learn that these meats are not necessarily the healthiest product and that there are much healthier options available.

How healthy are grocery store products?

Of course, it is impossible to answer this question in relation to every single grocery store. However, it is important to remember that grocery stores often hold onto products for a long period of time. They also order items from many states away, resulting in long delivery times. These products ha

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Six International Soups That You Should Look For In Your Deli


As the weather cools down, more and more people are seeking out their favorite soups. Soup is remarkably popular in America, with Americans eating more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year. Why? Well, for one thing, soup is a great comfort food, being flavorful, easy to eat, and quick to warm the stomach. Everyone seems to love at least some kind of soup, though women are twice as likely to order it for lunch as men. In fact, in 2016 it was reported that 32.1% of deli operations were planning on enhancing their soup stations, reflecting a growing demand for different kinds of soups. It’s no wonder that soup is so popular among those stopping by delis on the go — it’s easy to grab a hot soup container and be on your way. Hot s


As the weather ...

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Attention Grass-Fed Beef Lovers You Can Purchase Meat Bundles Online or From a Store Near You

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Have you been asking the question, “Is there a meat market near me?” If so, you’re probably interested in purchasing high-quality, grass-fed beef from a local meat market or butcher. While it’s highly likely that there is an excellent store in your area, it’s important to know that you can also purchase meat online.

Over the next ten years, Nielsen’s “The Digitally Engaged Food Shopper” report indicates that over 70% of households within the United States will be purchasing food online. Since grass-fed beef can now be purchased in this manner, chances are that online meat sales will also rise.

Currently, there are a total of 913,246 cattle and calf operations located throughout the United States. Families own approximately 91% of these beef farms and ranches. About 11% of the be

Online steak bundle west michigan

Have you been asking the question, “Is there ...

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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Peanuts for Women

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Peanut is one of the oldest and indispensable commodities consumed in many homes. Also referred to as groundnuts, peanut share the characteristics of the legumes and nuts. In their natural state, peanuts are enclosed in a hard outer shell like other nuts. However, they are from the legume family together with peas and beans. Over the years, this commodity has found its way in store’s shelves. Many peanut products have been introduced allowing people to consume it in different forms such as bars, sauce, powder, pesto, bread and butter. Peanut is not only tasty, but also possesses numerous health benefits, particularly in women and children. Here are some of the main peanuts benefits f

Peanut butter good for you


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Improve Your Meals by Searching for Grass Fed Meat for Sale Online

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In today’s society, it seems that, at least in most places throughout first world countries, there is never a shortage of food to be found. In fact, the United States is often known around the world as a country plentiful in food, with a population that indulges and revels in the excess that we have. However one issue that has arisen amidst the changes that have come in the food industry is the lack of natural food.

Everyone loves their processed, chemically enhanced products, and there is something to be said for the convenience of the whole process when it is shifted to that type of production. But the quality and nutrition are often some of the first things to go. In this day and age, you should not have to sacrifice convenience to gain something naturally beneficial. This is why many people a

Sustainable meat

In ...

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