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Packaging Machines and Other Advancements Within the Food and Beverage Industry

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When you’re in the food and beverage industry, you realize the importance of having safe and economical product packaging. Furthermore, you’re also likely concerned with making an environmental and social difference by reducing waste and engaging in other proactive practices. You may be aware that 52% of the global population makes purchase decisions based on these and other values, such as having access to consistently high-quality products.

Reducing Waste by Packaging Products in Plastic

According to packaging experts, food waste can be reduced with plastic packaging. These experts estimate that this can be as much as 1.7 pounds of food for every pound of plastic packaging. When plastic, rather than other types of materials are used to contain beverages, this can make a difference with

Thermoforming companies

When you’...

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Fun Factoids About Walnuts

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If you like to indulge in walnuts, you are not alone. All over the world, they are added to main dishes, side dishes, desserts, salads or just eaten by themselves as a healthy snack. The American Walnut Tree is one of the most majestic in the country. There are also a lot of fun facts that you may not know about this kind of nut.

  • Walnuts are popular snacks at professional sporting events. In 2008, American Walnut Trees were responsible for providing the Superbowl with about 2.7 million pounds of the nuts. If these nuts had been placed on the field rather than in the food, it would have had a layer of walnuts three feet deep.
  • If you wanted to take walnuts and spread them around the equator, you would need more than

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Five Tips for Hosting a Memorable New Year’s Eve Party


New Years is quickly approaching. Perhaps you have not yet considered your New Year?s plans because you have been too busy getting ready for Christmas. Now is time to secure your plans, especially if you are hosting a New Year?s Eve party. Hosting a successful NYE party requires careful planning and these tips will ensure you throw a memorable event.

Don?t forget the food
Most NYE celebrations don?t start until later at night. But, a memorable party has memorable food. Plan your food choices around the start time of your party. If you plan to invite guests over after 9 PM, strolling appetizers or finger foods are a good option. If you want to serve a sit down meal, however, you will want to invite your guests over earlier than that. Guests also appreciate an after midnight snack. Pi

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Family Holiday Traditions Often Include Visiting a Favorite Restaurant

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You know that it will not be a direct route tonight when you drive your daughter home from the airport. Typically, when she flies home from her college that is 12 hours away from home, her plane lands around midnight. This arrival, however, occurs at 7 pm. She will be starving, and since you will drive through downtown on your way to your house she will surely want to stop at one of the historic eateries that she misses when she is away at school.
Her list of favorite places to eat is different from anyone else’s in the family, but you will oblige her as she will be starving, as all college students are when they return home.
Americans have a lot of traditions when it comes to eating. We have foods that we like to eat at Christmas and other holidays. We have foods that we like to eat when we ar

Party halls in delaware


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Five Tips for Throwing a Mexican Holiday Office Party

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Planning an office holiday party that pleases everyone can be difficult, if not impossible. Different employees have varying entertainment and food preferences. While you want to choose something that is fun and accommodating for everyone, you also have to make sure that it is office friendly. These holiday planning tips will help you plan the best office party.

Choose a date that works with all departments

Choosing a date for the office party can be tough. A week that is busy for one department might be slow for another. You also don?t want to have a party during a time that could affect customer service. Additionally, if you are attempting to have an after hours party, you have to work around the employee?s family schedules too. Choosing a date should begin far in advance. As

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To Your Health, 4 Reasons Drinking Coffee Is Good for You

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If you like your morning coffee, you are not at all alone. Americans love their morning cups of coffee. When asked, at least 62% of people who took part in a survey for the National Coffee Drinking Trends report said they had consumed coffee the day before. If you need a reason to get a coffee machine for the office, consider these data. At least 54% of all people in the United States, who are over the age of 18, drink coffee.

More than 46% of office workers in the United States report that they are more productive when they drink coffee. If you notice people standing around the coffee machine for the office, that may make you smile at all of the extra work they are able to do but you are also doing them a good service. More and more research shows the health benefits to having between three an

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