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Great Accents Can Distinguish Ordinary Plates

Basil crystals

Although people rarely think about it, flowers are something that people eat every day. Broccoli, artichokes, capers, cauliflower, and squash blossoms are all flowers that we eat. Other types of edible flowers that people might not eat as often are pansy, marigold, calendula, chrysanthemum, snapdragon, carnation, dahlia, viola, and nasturtium. Although not everyone loves those kinds of veggies, candied flowers are a far more delicious option. The best candied flowers can provide a delicious and colorful accent to virtually any plate and, as a result, chefs have recently began to embrace microgreens and candied flowers because of their aesthetic appeal.

Candied flowers have been around since the Victorian period, when candied violets were popular, and many patient confectioners still mak...

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Hummus, Americas New Favorite Dip

Hummus calories

Hummus, a spread first introduced to the American public through Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurants, has become a multi million dollar industry. According to market researchers with the Symphony IRI Group, the hummus business was led by only a small handful of companies just 15 years ago. The hummus market has exploded and today it dominates the refrigerated flavored spreads market.

Sabra hummus is one of the leading manufacturers in hummus dips and spreads. Sabras roasted red pepper hummus dip and roasted garlic hummus dip are commonly served with pita bread or vegetables, but my favorite hummus recipe uses hummus as a low fat alternative to mayonnaise on sandwiches. Prepared hummus contains only around 25 calories and 2 grams of carbs per 1 tablespoon...

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