Are You Serving Ice Cream at Your Next Party?

The two high school best friends have been teasing their family and friends on the social media post where they have announced their high school graduation party. First, they asked if anyone could guess what special treat they would be serving. Once they announced that they had hired the local farm to cone ice cream store to bring the new ice cream truck to the party. They then challenged their friends and family to guess what flavors would be offered. Most recently, they posted a photo of a vintage full size pick up with a bed full of full size cacti and smaller succulents, and offered that they would give an extra scoop to anyone who would show up at the party in a similar vehicle.

In a weekend full of pulled pork sandwiches, graduation cakes, and every color of party mints, the two seniors are excited that they are simply hosting an ice cream party. They have specially ordered themed napkins and planned for a table to brownie bites, sprinkles, and other toppings. They have even

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The Finishing Touch That Makes Restaurants Stand Out The Growing Appeal Of Edible Flowers

In today’s fast-paced times, it’s often the smallest details that stand out to us.

Nowhere is this more true than with the growing popularity of organic micro greens. A beautiful addition to any dinner plate or quaint breakfast, more restaurants than ever are incorporating micro green varieties into their menu. This is not just a great way to stand out from your competitors, but truly get your customers talking. You can use edible flowers for cake decorating, sprinkling rose petals along frosting to give it an old-fashioned appeal. You can consider adding organic micro greens to salads for a pop more color.

It’s through embracing the artistic aspect of fine dining do you take your food to the next level.

Take a look at any restaurant today and you’ll find little details that set them apart. For some it’s their warm customer service, making every family who walks inside feel like they’re experiencing something special. For others it’s unique recipes, unabl
In today’s fast-paced times, it’s often th...

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Refrigerated Trucks Are One Of Society’s Greatest Inventions How To Choose A Reefer Truck In 2019

Refrigerated trucks make the world go ’round. Just think about living life without them.

Thanks to refrigerated trucks you don’t have to worry about a smaller selection at the grocery store. You have more steady access to life-saving preventative care, such as vaccinations and blood transfusions. Even the ice cream you indulge in on that lazy Sunday wouldn’t be easy to do without a good reefer trailer! It’s through appreciating these little details can you better decide which new reefer trailers for sale will support your business. The used Thermo King is a great resource that supports thousands of American businesses today.

What goes into purchasing one? Learn more about how to choose a used reefer trailer below.

The United States is home to one of the largest and most dynamic transportation networks in the world. Tens of thousands of trucks, trains, and cars help transport goods and services every single day. It’s estimated 500,000 reefer trailer
Refrigerated trucks make the w...

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Wineries and The Many Different Types of Wine Deals Online

Considering the size of the alcohol industry in the United States, there is much to be gained for the sale of wine and other drinks. Billions are spent on alcohol every year, and now that the ability to order wine online has come about in many locations, that amount is about to increase. Some wine deals online include cheap wine online and online wine shops that are available to ship wine around the country in bulk.

Local Breweries and Wineries

With the great popularity of beer and wine, there is much to gain from visiting these locations when they are able to serve food as well. Many wineries and breweries are also restaurants and bars, and even offer tours and wine tasting events. These locations also offer options for event venues, like wedding receptions and other parties. Sometimes these locations are also included on city tours and journeys, based upon the history of a city that may have several wineries or breweries.

Therefore, much later there are also diffe

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3 Smart Reasons to Buy Branded Ice Cream Cups

There’s no denying that ice cream is an extremely popular dessert, especially in the United States. In fact, research shows that there are almost 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts produced throughout the United States each year. Therefore, many people enjoy owning their own respective ice cream shops. If you’re wanting to achieve this goal, it’s important to consider purchasing branded ice cream cups. It makes sense to wonder what makes these types of cups so beneficial. Considering that, here are three important advantages of buying branded ice cream cups for your business.

  • Creating an Amazing First Impression

    It’s likely that you have heard how important it is to make a good first impression. With that in mind, it’s important that your business achieves this goal by having custom ice cream cups. If you purchase branded ice cream cups, this helps to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. These types of cups instantlyThere’s no denying that ice cr...
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Solid Wood Table Tops Are Popular Furniture Pieces

This has been a winter when you have completed more projects in your wood shop than ever before. From the table tops that you created for the two new pieces of furniture in the basement to the reclaimed wood paneling that you have installed in the library, there are a number of pieces that you are very proud of. Rustic furniture sells for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars, so you are glad that you have been able to create some of these pieces yourself.

From wood tables for restaurants to the much smaller table tops that are used in homes, there are many times when reclaimed wood is the perfect solution. As more and more home and business owners look for ways to make sure that there spaces are getting the latest upgrades, it should come as no surprise that reclaimed wood is continuing to grow in popularity. With this popularity, of course, comes higher prices for materials and

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Opening a Juice Bar for a Gym or Hotel

There are many beverages around the world today, with beer, tea, coffee, and plain water ranking as among the most popular, while others such as fruit juices also have widespread popularity and appeal. Where fruit juice is concerned, nearly anyone would appreciate adding some more nutrients and flavor to their diet with the help of home products such as an automatic juicer or an automatic citrus juicer, and for commercial drinks, opening a juice bar is a great way to allow patrons anywhere to have a nutritious, sweet drink. After all, fruits have a lot of vitamins and nutrients that the human body needs, and opening a juice bar can be a quick way to help gym or fitness club patrons get the bodily fuel that they need. Other locales may consider opening a juice bar as well, such as a hospital or even a hotel, and commercial fruit juicers, an industrial juicer, and mo

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Dessert Teaches Us The Importance Of Togetherness

When people hear the word, “Dessert” you are guaranteed to see a smile appear on their face. Even during the worst of days, we always rely on the power of desserts to cheer us up—ice cream seeming to be a national favorite. From the big screen to reality, ice cream is our powerhouse during those sad days you can’t seem to get out of a slump or just a tasty, delectable treat enjoyed on a summer’s day. The importance of frozen desserts nearly compares with phones and cars—people can’t seem to live without it, and nor do they want to! Dessert is a staple in American food and holidays, where everyone desires some type of sweet, frozen treat after their meal. According to statistics, there are nearly 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and similar desserts produced in the U.S, every year. For some, gelato and frozen yogurt have become a healthier alternative to keep cool while cutting calories—gelato contains 3-8% less milkfat than ice cream and 25%-30% air. Either way, you can’t seem to ge

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Paper v Plastic? Why Paper Cups Are More Popular Than Ever

We use paper cups for just about everything. Their versatility allows them to meet the demands of nearly anything we throw at them, from hectic schedule rushes for coffee to midnight cravings for steaming, hot soup during finals from a local Pho restaurant, where bowls are too much of a hassle. But we never seem to consider how much we take this mundane, yet extraordinary item for granted. From cheap coffee mugs that power us through our day to the fuel it gives us to survive strenuous study sessions, paper cups are revolutionary. At an initial glance it seems a silly thing to celebrate but imagining our lives without them puts their importance into a larger perspective.

What’s So Great About Paper Cups?

Paper cups are the best friend to everyone’s favorite caffeinated beverage, coffee. Coffee is considered by most to be a necessity, often traveling to a coffee shop a minimum of three times per day for a refill or to purchase another cup for a mid-afterWe use...

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Too Busy to Sit And Drink a Cup of Coffee? Paper Coffee Cups are the Solution

Paper coffee cups are made of paper that is insulated with wax or plastic and are disposable. This insulation prevents the leakage of hot coffee. Disposable coffee cups are created from tree pulp and recycled papers thus are a cheaper option as compared to ordinary coffee cups. This feature makes them highly convenient for use in busy coffee shops, canteens, cafeterias and restaurants for takeaways. If you are always busy, there you have a solution; you do not have to skip your coffee.

Environment Friendly
According to a recent research, in America about 1.64 million cups of coffee are consumed daily. This signifies a very high consumption rate and explains why these cheap paper cups are a darling to many coffee consumers. Paper coffee cups are made from environmentally friendly materials that are not toxic thus perfect for all coffee lovers.

The coffee cups can be custom made to suit your specifications. There are paper coffee cu

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