Why Everyone Should Use Reclaimed Wood

From round wood table tops to rustic wood siding, decorating your home with the creative accents that you most enjoy is a wholly enjoyable thing to do. However, you should consider doing so in a conscious and environmentally friendly way, especially whey you are incorporating wood products like round wood table tops or wood paneling.

After all, wood comes from trees, as we all know, and trees are nothing if not essential for life. Trees provide the oxygen that we breathe, of course, but they also provide the homes for many different types of animals, from the forests of the United States to the jungles and rain forests that can be found in many other parts of the world. Without trees, these animals simply have place to go. Without trees – or even just when too many are cut down too quickly, whole species lose their habitats. Entire ecosystems are disrupted. The world becomes just a little bit more off kilter.

With up to thirty percent of the world covered in forest, people have for too long been cutting down trees in mass amounts. At first, of course, it was for survival purposes. Now, however, it is all about consumption. But what is the solution to deforestation? We will always use wood, we will always need wood products. How can we still have wood but not kill off our forests and all of the creatures that live within them.

Some people might suggest the planting of trees and this is certainly an idea that has quite a bit of merit to it. However, many hardwood trees can take as many as sixty years before becoming fully matured and typically will not mature in any less than forty. While we should still be planting trees, the planting of trees is not a good short term solution or even a full fledged long term one, as we are cutting down matured trees faster than the new ones would be able to grow.

Using reclaimed wood presents another solution. From wood siding to wooden furniture to round wood table tops, reclaimed wood can allow you to have wood furniture without contributing to the deforestation that has become so rampant all throughout our world. Reclaimed wood has become incredibly popular in its own right as well, from reclaimed round wood table tops to reclaimed wood chairs to reclaimed rustic furniture. It can be seen as homes as well as in restaurants, in which both the round wood table tops made from reclaimed wood would be more likely than not to find a home.

And the impact of using reclaimed wood for things like round wood table tops and other types of furniture and building materials has already begun to make an impact and a change in our world and how we as people are consuming. In the year of 2015 alone, more than two and a half million tons of wood pallets were recycled. In the three years that have elapsed since, this amount of wood that has been recycled has only continued to increase. In the years of the future that are still yet to come, it is a number that is only likely to increase even more.

And the use of reclaimed wood, be it for wood siding or round wood table tops, is an incredibly trendy look as well as being environmentally sustainable and long lasting, hardy as any wood furniture should be. The rustic style of decor has become immensely popular in the past few years, and is showing no signs of dying out. As such, more and more people are looking to incorporate wood accents into their homes and places of business – and even at big parties and events such as weddings, of which many now include rustic elements.

Mixing multiple types of wood can give you the desired rustic look, and using reclaimed wood only serves to make your rustic or rustic themed decor feel all the more realistic and authentic.

From using reclaimed wood for design purposes to using it instead of new wood in order to help the world, reclaimed wood has many purposes here in the United States and beyond.

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