Keep any restaurant clean and safe

Food protection certificate

Working to earn a food handling certificate could be the best way for restaurant owners to ensure that their customers are getting the best product. A restaurant food safety course could be taken advantage of by businesses across the food industry. Those that have earned a food handling certificate through the best food and hygiene course will not only be able to protect their customers, but the restaurants and processing plants as well.

Illnesses that are food borne are an especially high risk for certain populations, such as the elderly, young children, pregnant women and anyone that is living with a compromised immune system. Cooks and prep workers that have earned a food handling certificate will be able to learn all of the tricks necessary to help reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and diseases. When perishable food is properly refrigerated, bacterial growth does not stop, but it is dramatically slowed.

Experts in handling food that have a food handling certificate will know that meat should always be stored on the lowest shelf possible, so the risk of meat juices contaminating other foods is as low as possible. A food handling course could also help reduce the risk of fines to a restaurant. According to the NYC Department of Health, the city took in nearly $48 million in health code violations and fines from restaurants in 2012. Those that earn the best food handling certificate will also know that the average household expenditure on food eaten out of the home in 2011 was $2,620.

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