A Convenient Point Of Use Water Cooler

Bottleless water coolers

Seattle, New York, San Francisco, and Cook County in Chicago are four of the major municipalities that banned government funding to purchase filtered bottled water. This is unfortunate as water has many health benefits and studies have illustrated that those that decrease their water intake tend to have fatty deposits increase because water can maintain or even reduce these deposits. Water is necessary to stay hydrated, but also serves various health purposes such as eliminating waste from the body as shown above. Businesses that are looking to provide water to more than one person should considering having a point of use water cooler installed in their facility. Point of use water coolers can provide cold filtered water to a number of people so that they can be refreshed without having to pay for an overpriced bottle.

Nearly every bottled water producer starts with municipal water that is then filtered and bottled. Halsey Taylor was one of the creators of the water fountain and lost his father as a result of typhoid fever that came about from drinking contaminated water. Bottleless water coolers come in a variety of sizes and can be countertop or freestanding models. These point of use water coolers are convenient for different purposes as they come in multiple sizes so finding room for one is easy. Use the internet to research which water coolers are amongst the best and further think about purchasing one for your clients or guests.

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