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6 Amazing Facts About the Peanut

One of the most popular foods throughout history has been the peanut. This classic food is actually not a not but rather a legume. Regardless of what you call it, there’s no denying that the peanut remains incredibly popular throughout the United States. Considering that this food has been around for ages, the peanut has many interesting facts surrounding it. It’s understandable to want to learn more about the wonderful food that’s known as the peanut. With that in mind, here are six incredibly interesting facts all about peanuts.

  1. A Food Unchanged by Time

    One of the most interesting peanut facts is how unchanged this food continues to be. Unfortunately, you’ve likely heard news stories about genetically modified foods. Sadly, supermarkets across the nation now contain many foods that are modified in all sorts of ways. Fortunately, you won’t be dealing with this problem while consuming peanuts. There are no GMO peanuts currently anywhere on the market.One of the most popular foods ...
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Peanuts, Recipes, and Everything In Between

Peanut vs groundnut

Every single year there are people that consume peanuts on a pretty consistent basis. For most people, this consumption will come in the form of peanut butter. It takes just about 540 peanuts to make a 12-ounce jar of peanut butter, according to the National Peanut Board.

There are plenty of other recipes for peanuts that do not just involved peanut butter. It is highly recommended that people consume nuts because of the multiple health benefits that come along with these foods. Here are all of the peanut facts on cooking with peanut oil and peanut nutrients.

Right now there are absolutely zero GMO peanuts on teh market. As a matter of fact, the peanuts that are sold and consumed today are almost 99% identical to their older peanut histories. This means that there is a small amount of tampering

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