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Paper v Plastic? Why Paper Cups Are More Popular Than Ever

We use paper cups for just about everything. Their versatility allows them to meet the demands of nearly anything we throw at them, from hectic schedule rushes for coffee to midnight cravings for steaming, hot soup during finals from a local Pho restaurant, where bowls are too much of a hassle. But we never seem to consider how much we take this mundane, yet extraordinary item for granted. From cheap coffee mugs that power us through our day to the fuel it gives us to survive strenuous study sessions, paper cups are revolutionary. At an initial glance it seems a silly thing to celebrate but imagining our lives without them puts their importance into a larger perspective.

What’s So Great About Paper Cups?

Paper cups are the best friend to everyone’s favorite caffeinated beverage, coffee. Coffee is considered by most to be a necessity, often traveling to a coffee shop a minimum of three times per day for a refill or to purchase another cup for a mid-afterWe use...

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If You Want To Start Selling Coffee You Need These Items More Than You Need The Coffee You Will Be Selling

Hot soup container

The coffee business is booming. Most people you know can?t even start their day without a morning cup of Joe. Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts have become giants in the coffee supply industry, but with everyone thriving to become business owners and advancements in social media marketing, people all around the country are starting their own coffee shops and stands. If you are one of these individuals that is seeking to become an entrepreneur and future coffee mogul, there are a few things you need to get your business off the ground. Aside from the most basic of necessities, which is coffee if you?re reading this early in the morning and haven?t had your daily dose yet, another important item to have on your list of things to order is small paper cups with lids.

Small paper cups with lids are essential for

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