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Five Essentials to Great Coffee at Your Event

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Americans are the biggest coffee drinkers in the world, managing an average of 1.64 cups per person, per day. Independent coffee shops have a relatively large share of the market, with $12 billion annual sales. Throughout the country an average of 30% of the population is drinking coffee, in an average cup size of nine ounces. There?s coffee available everywhere, and if you?re planning any sort of event, you?d better plan for coffee and all the coffee accessories you need to pull it off. Here are five things to consider when you plan to put out the java:

  • Make sure you?ve got nice cups with lids If there?s one thing people hate, it?s cheap coffee mugs. They don?t hold the heat and they look a bit trashy. If you want people to have hot joe in a convenient package, get a coffee

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Cultivating The Morning Ritual The Importance Of Coffee Shops In America

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Everyone has their own morning ritual to help them get started off on the right foot. This can be doing a series of stretches in the morning to work out sore muscles or walking the dog to get a little fresh air. The art of the morning ritual also lends itself to food and is something your average American knows a thing or two about. Coffee shops have seen an unprecedented boom over the past decade, providing millions of people the drinks, easy lunches and snacks they need to get through their day proper.

Your establishment should do more than just provide a tasty soup or convenient drip coffee. You need to get to the heart of what people need to have the best day possible.

Did You Know?

The United States is hungry for coffee. The country imported over

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