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Why You Should Consider Buying Ethical Meat and Fish

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As our society becomes more conscious about where we source our food from, sustainable meat — free range, organic, etc., — is becoming an increasingly popular option among those who aren’t crazy about going vegetarian or vegan, but want to make sure that the food they’re consuming was responsibly raised and packaged. On average, Americans eat a little over 65 pounds of beef a year and around 90 pounds of chicken per year, but we want to make sure that what we’re putting in our bodies isn’t pumped up with antibiotics and other questionable items. Grass fed steaks and free range chicken, for example, can also be better you. Free range pork or salmon harvested during salmon season can have better flavor than pork from massive farms or farmed salmon.

Why Is Ethical Meat and Fish a Better Nutr

Wagyu beef for sale

As our society becomes more consc...

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