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6 Signs of an Inauthentic Mexican Restaurant

Mexican food is extremely popular throughout the United States. In fact, statistics show that 10% of all restaurants throughout the United States sell some type of Mexican cuisine. Unfortunately, many of these restaurants are trying to pass off inauthentic creations as authentic Mexican food. Making matters worse, many people living in the United States are understandably confused as to what makes Mexican food authentic. Traditional Mexican cuisine is similar to what foods were prepared by the Mayan Indians thousands of years ago. Considering that, here are six signs you’re eating inauthentic Mexican food.

  • No Corn Tortillas

    There is nothing wrong with tortillas made from flour. However, there is something wrong with authentic Mexican restaurants serving these instead of corn tortillas. AuthenMexica...
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Organic Microgreens Offer High Levels of Nutrients to Diners and Cooks

If you need evidence of the nutritional and health value of vegetables, you only need to look at the four people in your home. Your youngest daughter who has not eaten meet in more than two years, is the healthiest and the thinnest. Your husband and older daughter who eat meat, but are careful to make sure that they fill at least half of their plate with leafy vegetables, are pretty healthy as well. You, on the other hand, spend a lot of time eating carbs and only think about the vegetables as an after thought.

This summer, however, as you are just 12 months away from the a big family vacation to Greece, you are determined to make sure that you are turning over a new leaf, literally. Your youngest daughter has agreed to help make some of her favorite vegetable dishes and you are determined to buy smaller pieces of protein to make sure that you do not use up your calories on the high protein items. Likewise, you are going to limit the number of carbs that you bring in the house so t

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Six Reasons Peanuts Are the Healthiest Nuts

Peanuts have gotten a bad rap in recent years, but the benefits of eating peanuts are clear. In fact, peanuts are among the healthiest nuts you can choose to eat. They are filling, nutritious, and inexpensive. Read on to learn more about why peanuts are the healthiest nuts.


GMOs are big news these days. Many people prefer to avoid them, and if that’s you, you can include peanuts on your list of healthiest nuts because there are no GMO peanuts on the market at all. Today’s peanut is almost totally identical to its ancestors.

High in Protein

One of the best things about peanuts is the protein. In fact, peanuts are just about the most cost-effective source of protein that humans can eat. A handful of peanuts, equivalent to one ounce, is rated by the Food and Drug Administration as an “excellent” source of protein. That handful has about seven grams of protein.

Rich in Minerals

A study done recently looked at 15,000 adults and children in the United SPeanuts have gotten a ba...

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What Are Micro Greens and Why Should You Eat Them?

Micro greens are one of the most popular elements of the new healthy and clean eating movement. Although they have been around since the 1980s, there are more micro green varieties available now than ever before and they are being more widely used. Adding micro greens to salads and petite micro greens to smoothies, pizzas, and many other foods are a great way to get extra nutrition into your diet as well as variety on your plate. Here’s everything you need to know about micro green varieties and uses for micro greens.

What Are They?

A true leaf micro green is not sprout, although it is sometimes mistaken for one. A micro green is essentially a small seedling and can come from any sort of edible vegetable, herb or even flower. Micro greens are harvested once the first true leaves have appeared and include both the stem and the leaves of the plant. The nutritional benefits of micro greMicro ...

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6 Amazing Facts About the Peanut

One of the most popular foods throughout history has been the peanut. This classic food is actually not a not but rather a legume. Regardless of what you call it, there’s no denying that the peanut remains incredibly popular throughout the United States. Considering that this food has been around for ages, the peanut has many interesting facts surrounding it. It’s understandable to want to learn more about the wonderful food that’s known as the peanut. With that in mind, here are six incredibly interesting facts all about peanuts.

  1. A Food Unchanged by Time

    One of the most interesting peanut facts is how unchanged this food continues to be. Unfortunately, you’ve likely heard news stories about genetically modified foods. Sadly, supermarkets across the nation now contain many foods that are modified in all sorts of ways. Fortunately, you won’t be dealing with this problem while consuming peanuts. There are no GMO peanuts currently anywhere on the market.One of the most popular foods ...
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